Duplicate project showing up as a folder, not a draft

Hello Scriv Geniuses!

So I created a copy of an existing project using command-D (if there is a better way to do this, please let me know; my goal is to start work on a new draft while keeping an intact copy of the old) and the copy’s icon is a folder rather than a draft.

I’m a bit concerned this might create problems at some point in terms of exporting, etc. Will it? What to do? Thanks so much.


That’s perfectly safe to do! Another way you can go about this, if the project is already open, is to use the File/Save As... menu command, but either way is fine. Just make sure that whenever you manipulate the project, or copy it, using the Finder that the project is closed in Scrivener and you’ll be okay.

Do you mean you created a copy of the Draft folder using Command-D inside Scrivener? If so, the copy will indeed show up as a regular folder, as there can only be a single Draft folder in any one Scrivener project. If you want to set it up so that it essentially has two Draft folders, you should have two subfolders in the Draft folder, one for each draft. So, create another folder in the Draft and move everything currently in the Draft folder inside that, and then move the duplicate of the draft up into the Draft folder too. Then follow the instructions here:


Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much!

Very helpful, per usual. And now, back to my love affair with Scrivener.