Duplicate Then Move To Trash, Session Word Count Wrong

I wanted to split some scenes into two chapters. I duplicated the chapter and deleted the unwanted scenes from each.

My session total (Click Target Toolbar) showed that I had entered 5,734 words in this session.

Similarly I might break a scene into two–duplicating and deleting text in each.

I’m guessing you do this to make it faster. Why not make note of the total number of words when the session starts (or when the user clicks reset), and calculate again to calculate the session total?

Project Targets needs to be a live count for users who want to leave the dialog open and watch the numbers while they work. The session target counts text added to or deleted from the editor, so trashing a document doesn’t affect the session count, although it will affect the Draft count if was included previously. Arguably duplicating a document shouldn’t affect the session count either, and that will be addressed; the reason it does now has to do with how the text is loaded when the duplicate is made. So with that adjustment, your first scenario would work out to a net 0 simply because the word count wouldn’t have been changed by either the duplicating or the removing.

The second scenario should already be working, since after you increase the count by duplicating the document, you lower it again by deleting the text. That’s working for me in testing. You could also just use the Document Split command, which would bypass all the word count fluctuation.

For the first case, creating the new chapter folder and then moving the scenes from the previous chapter to the new one would work around the issue.

OK, I see now why you need it to be fast.

You’re right about the second scenario–sorry for the misinformation.