Duplicate title on Compile

Hi there,

I can’t work out for the sake of me what’s going on during compile that triggers duplication of single document title.
I want the Chapter autonumber, the title, the status to be output at the beginning of each chapter (single documents).
I believe i have checked the right boxes in the Formatting Panel and set the right parameters in Section Layout (see below). Whatever the option (for print, pdf, rtf …) i get a duplicate of the title (again see below).

I do i get rid of the duplicate title ? Would it be a bug ?


After a fumbling around quite a bit i was able to get rid of duplicate titles.
It wasn’t duplicated on compile, but resulted from import and split from an rtf source, which imported chapters’ titles alright but with loads of whitespace before the text. Titles therefore didn’t show up in the binder view title field, soooo i decided to copy and paste all titles in the field (again).
The title itself was faulty which i was only able to detect in the Outline view :smiley:

Sorry for bloating the forum with newbie terrors :confused:

Glad you figured it out!