Duplicate Top level binder object

I’m trying to figure out how best to use Scrivener for writing a series and saw some suggestions about just keeping all the works in a single project, but subdivided by folders. I have mixed feelings about this but decided to try it. The first thing I noticed is that there is the option to duplicate the top level folder (not sure what it’s called) but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Should this be working?

Also, when it comes to compile, with everything in one project, how would you select ony one work to print? With 60 plus chapters (folders) per project, that’s a lot of clicking on all the folders to print one project seperately unless I am missing something. It would be nice if Scrivener had series specific functions so we can keep the same research folder for multiple projects.


I can partly duplicate this bug:

1)Open Scrivener
2)Create a new project from the short story template or open the tutorial
3)Right-click on main default* top level folder with in the binder
4)left-click on “duplicate” from the pop-up menu
5) No response.

Expected behaviour
5)Duplication of item

*duplication seems to work if you try it on self created top level files or non-“main” existing folders e.g. I can duplicate the “characters” folder but not the “short story” folder in the short story template.

-Vista Home Premium, fully patched