Duplicate w/o text?

Is this a bug or a feature?

I created a document in v1.11, and typed a single line in the main window (not in Synopsis), to be used as a section heading. I clicked on the icon in the binder and changed the label. Then I duplicated using Cmd-D, and the copy had no text in its main window.

It’s repeatable, but it does not happen if the document has many lines of text.

Pilot error? Bug? Your help appreciated.


I’m not seeing this behaviour in the 1.12 beta - if I create a new document, type one line (‘Heading One’), then select in the binder and duplicate, then the document is duplicated exactly, with ‘Heading One’ intact.

The 1.12 beta has been rock-stable for me so far - might be worth trying to see if it changes things for you?

Another symptom: When I duplicate the one-line document, its icon has lines on it showing that it contains text. If I drag it in the binder, it updates as a blank icon. Does 1.12b do that?

Can’t risk a beta. I’m on a job. [size=50](Strike’s over! Yay!)[/size]

Thanks for your help.

Heh heh, fair enough (and can we see a new season of Galactica yet or what?).

It may be a quirk that only manifests itself in Scripwriting mode. I’ll check it out…also I don’t have a lot of experience with that end of Scrivener, so it MAY be a feature for all I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd, I just downloaded the 1.11 release to test with. Here’s the steps I followed:
[]Started a new empty Scriv project, and created one document.[/]
[]Switched to scriptwriting mode[/]
[]Typed one line ‘Scene Heading’[/]
[]Opened the Inspector and changed the label to something else [/]
[]Selected the document in the binder and duplicated with Cmd-D[/]

The document duplicated directly with the single line intact.

Is this in an existing project? Would you be able to, as a test, start a new project and see if you can reproduce the odd behaviour? Reason being, it’s possible that XML files inside the existing project could be corrupt - but I’ve not heard of this particular behaviour before.

Looks like it’s a corrupt file. Thanks Marcus.

Nope, it’s a minor bug - I just checked it myself. What is happening is that you are editing a file, then duplicating it before the auto-save kicks in. Duplication involves copying the underlying file, so if the changes haven’t been saved to that file, then the unchanged version (rather than what you) see will get duplicated. I’ve just fixed this for 1.2, so that it forces a save if necessary before duplicating - until then, just make sure you hit cmd-S before duplicating a file you have just created/edited.


This may be a bit off topic, but: Will the next version be called 1.2? The beta says 1.12.

That explains why it went away, too.

Many Thanks!

Novatlan - yes, the next version is 1.2. The beta is 1.12, but there have been so many changes and there are so many big overhauls (nothing horrible that will upset a current user) that I’m bumping the version to 1.2.

Sounds nice :slight_smile:

I am a tad confused by the UK numbering. I am used to 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 … 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12.

How did we get back to 1.2?

Actually it will have to be 1.20, given that the Sparkle updater will think that 1.2 is lower than 1.11. I’m not sure what is confusing though - 1.2 is clearly a higher version number than 1.11 - unless you have a completely different understanding of decimal places in the US! :slight_smile:

Wait! These are DECIMALS?!?! I knew I should have stayed in school.

This is one of the reason I have always liked the 3 place version numbers. Idiots like me don’t get confused as easily.

I am actually a fan of the “OSX Kind Of Numbeing” ™

Application Number, which is part of the application. Scrivener 1. It 1 and will stay one until V2.

Version, which is the updated version of the main application. i.e. Scrivener 1.2
But: This version can go beyond 10, so 1.11 would be newer version then 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.10.

And then revision, which are updates of the version (just like Mac OS). This way one day you could have Scrivener 1.12.23

I never actually understood why there cant be no X.10 in the minds of most people^^ I have 10 fingers, so I can at least count up to ten.

Scrivener 1.11 should be called 1.1.1, I suppose.

It is limited by what Sparkle, the automatic update framework, understands in terms of version numbers.