duplicated blank space above inserted Photos

Hi All, I am inserting photos into a chapter, and Scrivener inserts a duplicate amount of blank space right above my photos… sometimes it happens, sometimes not… I just cannot figure it out, or find anything written about this.

I have tried doing work in Word… it all looks great, and inserting a whole chapter into Scrivener and POW… all this space interrupts the normal flow…

Below is a screen shot… Please help… Thanks PeggyVineyard



This is caused by the way the OS X text system handles line spacing. You have double line-spacing, which is calculated by making the line height twice the size of tallest character on the line. An image is also a character, so if an image has double line-spacing, the line will be twice as tall as the image. (Personally, I think the OS X text system should ignore images for this purpose, and in fact I have a tech support incident out with Apple at the moment trying to find a way around this.)

The fix, therefore, is just to select the image and change the line spacing (e.g. to single spacing).

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Keith,

I finally stopped banging my head on the keyboard, got on my bike for fresh air, came home to find this answer… oh, thank you so much!!! It works!

Thank you, TY, TY for such a quick reply,


Glad it helped!
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Gosh, I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks everybody.