duplicated item does not show up in collection

I am showing a saved search-collection in the binder. The search selects all items with a specific status. I need to duplicate an item, so I close the search by clicking on the x at the bottom of the binder pane. I press ctrl +D to duplicate the item, which then appears ok in the binder. I click on the collection tab again to redisplay the collection, but the new item is not included, though it has exactly the same meta-data as the item from which it was copied. If I open the inspector, change the new item’s status, and change it back again, then the new item does appear okay in the collection.

Thanks for the report! I reproduced this and am adding it to the bug list.

Hi there,

any news on this bug? With ver. (12 Aug 2013) it still isn’t working correctly.
Thanks for the update!

Sorry, this is still on the list but we have not been able to fix it yet.