Duplicated Text/Folder Name[NOTED]

I created a folder and within that folder, I have several scenes. Each scene has a name, of course.

I created a new scene and wrote it. I also created a supplementary file and put it “under” the scene.

I didn’t realize it at the time but the name of that scene duplicated the name of another scene in the same folder. Everything seemed fine except that I closed Scrivener and when I came back in, the scene I had just written had disappeared.

I went to the Docs directory and I found the rtf file with the contents of what I had written. So I was able to recover. But a lot of people may not know or think to search for the text in there.

If it’s not OK to have two scenes with the same name, then there should be a warning or something to keep you from accidentally making that mistake.

It should be okay to do this, which is a big part of why Scrivener uses serial numbers to name the RTF files instead of their visible binder names—otherwise your book structure would be limited by what your disk can do. Can you produce a sequence of steps that cause this to happen? I created a folder with five files named “Scene” inside of it and then added a second file underneath one of them, and everything re-loaded fine and dandy.

Well, heck.

I guess I don’t know what happened.

Somehow, I got my work to disappear but I can’t recreate the steps to make it happen again. I had assumed it was because of the duplicate file name but it must have been something else. At the time that it happened, I was just working on something and playing around with the software and I wasn’t paying attention to every step I was taking.

I’ll keep my eyes out to see if I can do it again.