Duplicates, Command-D

I was testing the Duplicate function, and the first few times it would create copies that, when I changed them, would also modify the text of the original entry (and that’s what I wanted, a linked duplicate).

Later I went back in and tried to use it for real, it seems that the duplicate function actually copies the text and the old and new items aren’t linked in any way.

I’m not sure if I’m going crazy and what I saw the first time didn’t really happen, or if something is broken and it’s not working the way it’s meant to now. Anyway, is it possible to create something like a linked duplicate?

Isn’t a slight touch of “crazy” a prerequisite for your occupation?

I think you must be going crazy. :slight_smile: Duplicate does just that - it makes a unique copy. They are not linked in any way. There is no way to make linked copies or aliases in Scrivener I’m afraid.
All the best,