Duplicating file - does it take up more space?

If you duplicate a file in your Research folder and place it in another folder, will this action cause the Scrivener file to get larger if you do this repeatedly over time?

For example, I have a file called Foo in the Research folder. I make a duplicate copy and place it in a different older in one of my projects. Now let’s say I repeat this action 10 times with various documents – will this eventually make the file large and slow to open?

Thanks, and hope this makes sense!

Yes, duplication creates a new, independent copy of the file.

Whether repeated duplication will slow things down depends on exactly what is being duplicated.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish? Can you achieve the same result with document or project bookmarks, for instance?

Unless you are duplicating the document/file so that you can tweak those duplicates into becoming different versions, that above, or using links to documents, would be - and by far - a more logical approach.

You could use the <$include> placeholder instead, when you want to use a single document in multiple locations. It takes up no extra space that way.

<$include> is a Complie placeholder, so it only works for the specific case of trying to include the same material at multiple locations in the output document.

Thanks everyone, Bookmarks is working wonders! Exactly what I needed. I love Scrivener so far – I appreciate that it has a native desktop version with lots of features and ease of use, and there’s no silly subscription model. I love it and will be recommending it. Thanks so much!

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If you don’t already know about it, if you’d rather reference a document somewhere specific in your text, you can link inline to that 2nd document by dragging it directly from the binder to the editor.
In that case, when clicking on that inserted link, the 2nd document would be called to the second editor.

Thanks Vincent, good to know!

It is also worth noting that Scrivener does not load all the docs in your Binder when you open a project – it just loads the parts it needs to (e.g. the text you see in the Editor pane). So, more docs in the Binder does not automatically add to your overhead.