Duplicating items

So, I’ve just started up notes for my next exam, and I’ve decided to divide each unit up into different files. However, each unit will also have two very important sections (One for equations, and one for R code). I found the duplicate feature in the binder, which is awesome! I was just wondering if it would be possible to have to ability to “duplicate x times”? Would help a lot when I’ve got say… 10 different units.

You can already basically do this by selecting five copies of the same item and duplicating them: you get ten total. :slight_smile: What I would do is save a copy of the empty structure for a section so you can duplicate that whole structure and drop it into the Draft when needed, but to build up bulk, just doubling what you had every time before is a way to make hundreds of empty boilerplates quickly.

I use Duplicate all day long and have assigned the keystroke Ctrl-D to the feature. Except that recent versions append the text “Copy n” to the end of the title, the keystroke serves me well. (Plus, I have taken the rather outrageous step of reverting to Windows version 1.5.3 simply to avoid the additional text, missing out on the awesome Template feature recently added and no doubt on other bug fixes and enhancements.)

I reviewed this again and am content (even happy) that “copy” is being suffixed to the name of any Item in the Binder that is Duplicated With Subdocuments but not suffixed to any Item that is Duplicated Without SubDocuments

It is the latter that I want to Duplicate in a hurry, and which I am relieved does not suffix “copy”

So I am back on board with the upgrades because Tools / Options / Keyboard contains assignments for both variations.

To make life easier, I reversed the Default assignments for the two variations:

Ctrl + D
Duplicate Item Without SubDocuments

Ctrl + Shift +D
Duplicate Item With SubDocuments

Zoom, zoom. Thanks
For those who don’t use the keyboard and eight button mouse as heavily as I do, the developers might consider adding both variations of Duplicate to the right-click power menu.

Now that you’ve already done all that work… wouldn’t using the “document templates” feature be easier than this? You can create entire folder hierarchies from document templates, so if you know how you want the basic unit folder structure to work, you can construct one generic “unit” and then place that in your Templates folder (you might have to create one and then designate it as your Templates folder too). From there, you’d just create a new unit by selecting it from the document templates menu/toolbar.

The Templates are very cool, but not at all suited to my purposes. In one of my first posts on the matter I went into detail as to what I do, but basically I use Scrivener when creating an outline to a story by only using the Item names in the Binder to write everything. (I will use the Editor later) Duplicate helps in quickly setting up conversations and scenes and treeing them logically.

I’ve done the exact same reversal. :wink: The original key assignments seem counter-intuitive from any angle I look at them, except, perhaps, that that was the order in which the two variations were first implemented, which is, of course, insufficient reason to keep or deliver them that way. (It’s also an excellent example of what earlier today in a previous post I referred to as Scriv’s inattention to keyboard operability – if you only mouse and click through menus, this issue is unlikely to even occur to you.)

Thank you so much for posting this solution! I wanted to be able to bulk duplicate documents without “copy n” being appended. This was perfect!