Duplication crash alters Scriv behavior for that project.

I created a new project. I currently have it running with logging (because I saw an error I wanted to run down a little more), and I noticed something interesting.

If you create a duplication crash in a document, and “end task” on Scrivener using the Task Manager, and restart Scrivener:

If I use the context menu on a folder to create a new folder, it creates the folder at the same level (it creates a sibling to the selected folder).
If I use the keyboard shortcut to create a new folder, it creates the folder as a child to the selected folder. Sometimes. Mostly, even. But sometimes it makes a sibling.
If I select a document, both create a sibling folder to the selected document.

Also, non-contiguous folder selections will NOT move to trash.
Not sure what’s being done to the project to make this happen.

Deleting UI.INI in the project folder does not halt the behavior. Investigating further.