Duplication not reflected in session targets

I’m working on a project that involves a lot of repetitive content, so I’ve been duplicating scenes and then editing them as necessary.

I’ve just worked out that duplicating a card doesn’t add to my session word count, but removing from a duplicated card does decrease it. So despite working all morning and adding a few thousand words, my session target is at -180 words right now.

Eep! Can you please make it so a duplicated card adds that word count to your session target?

My feedback on this: A better route would be to not subtract from the session counter when documents are deleted. Adding to the session counter on duplication kind of defeats the purpose of it, which is to count how many words you’ve written in a session. I wonder if it would be better to just keep subtraction within the realm of actual words deleted inside of a document, and not the deletion of an entire document?

In the meantime, while not always practical, you could try keeping your setup phase as discrete from the writing phase as possible. By that I mean, get everything set up for your session—put all placeholders where they should be and so forth, then once you are ready to start writing for the day, click the Reset button in the target window. I think this should work for most people, as those who are tracking their daily word output tend to do so in one or two blocks of no-distraction writing.

I don’t think duplicated documents should be included either… In fact, though, the session statistics are rather “dumb”; they have no idea what you are doing in the project. All they count is actual words typed or deleted inside a text view. They are just there as a rough guide. In 2.0 I’ve changed it so that the count never falls below zero, but I’m not even sure about that - what’s wrong with having a negative word or character count, after all? Editing words out is just as creative as constructive as adding words. So I’m not even sure I should have changed it to ensure it never goes below zero…

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P.S. The various feedback I’ve had about session statistics only goes to show that everyone has a different opinion, and that no one will ever be happy whichever way it’s implemented - and I don’t want to bombard the user with too many options, either. So the way it works in 2.0 is simple: words you type get added to the count; words you delete get removed from the count but the count never goes below zero.

But I like the negatives… :confused:

Ah, well.

Me too… I may reinstate it…

I wonder if, in the interest of keeping preferences down and the largest group of people satisfied, if there were a single option that toggled between “strict” counting. With strict counting turned on, negatives are possible and all edits make impacts on the count, including duplication, import, and document deletions. With the option turned off, it acts as currently described with a zero limit and only counting text editing actions.

No, because that would mean the targets would have to monitor every binder action rather than just editing as it does right now. I may add an option for negatives to be allowed, but all the other stuff - well, I may reconsider post-2.0 - is beyond scope at the moment. Personally, I don’t think just copying documents should count as something you’ve typed anyway. :slight_smile:

When one is trying to cut words, negative counts are a plus. Just chiming in.