duplication of text files on external sync

Hi all

I’ve previously had no problems setting up scrivener to sync to an external folder so that I can edit txt files in other applications (e.g. Byword in iOS and Mac).

Today however – on a new project – scrivener duplicates all the text files both on opening and closing scrivener and this is without me touching any of the files. I end up with a lot of text files with added filenames (with numbers) in my drafts folder.

Any experience of this?
Any ideas how to solve?

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes

The only thing I can think of that would cause this to happen intentionally is if the filenames have been significantly altered externally, so that they were no longer recognised as being linked with the originals. It’s hard to say exactly what is going on without a detailed step-by-step report of the file names. I can only speculate in a vague way without know the before/after situation. I would try this:

  1. Delete the existing sync folder and load the project. This will disable sync.
  2. Create a new empty folder and set up sync for the project (I would also move any of the duplicates to the Trash before doing this).
  3. Copy and paste the binder name of the original document that duplicates, from Scrivener to a response here.
  4. Switch to Finder and copy and paste the same file from step #2 into the response.
  5. Close and open Scrivener, and if the file duplicates, copy and paste the filename from Finder as well as the new file in the Binder.

So you should have four filenames pasted into the response. An example of what that might look like:

“1 Untitled -4-.txt”
“Untitled 4”
“2 Untitled 4 -5-.txt”

These are just examples. The numbers and names may all be different, but this shows where a filename lost its hyphens in Finder, causing Scrivener to not recognise it, and created a new document in the Binder to hold the contents.

Thanks AmberV.

I was able to resolve the problem this morning by adding this problematic project into a new folder in the project that was syncing just fine. I then duplicated this original project, changed the sync folder, and then pruned each project back to their own files. Rather surprisingly both projects now sync as expects (ie take on external edits etc).

Very strange.

When I next generate a new project I’ll see how it goes and if I have any further problems will attempt your solution.

It did seem that the filenames were being changed – and Scrivener kept adding additional numbers and hyphens to the text files. But why it thought these files had been altered simply didn’t make sense to me.

Best wishes.


Glad you got it working, but there is one sentence I had a question on:

This sounds like you might have been attempting to synchronise two different projects (where difference means any variation of a project even if they once started from the same source) with the same sync folder? This shouldn’t even be possible in more recent versions, but older versions did allow that (after a strong warning not to). I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case, but that could definitely cause duplication and tangled wires.