Dutch dictionary missing

In, the Dutch dictionary is no longer available. It is also missing from the list of dictionaries to download. I can work around this by downloading ‘Afrikaans’ and copying dutch ‘.aff’ and '.dic’files over the existing af-ZA.aff and af-ZA.dic. (and renaming them to af-Za.aff and af-ZA-dic.Then, if I select ‘Afrikaans’ for my spell-checking, I get my dutch spell-checking back. Can this be fixed in the next release?
Meanwhile: Hurray for the 3.o release!

I am also wondering this. I would like to use an English (Australia) dictionary, or English (UK). When will these be made available again?

Dutch is available, but for mysterious reasons it appears that it’s being alphabetised based on “Netherlands” rather than “Dutch”, so you’ll find it down in the N section of the list. I’ll put in a bug note about that.

Australian and UK variants of English are also in the downloads list, both under English near the top. Do you not see these if you open File > Options, go to Corrections: Spelling and click on Download…?

Ooooh. No, I have been looking under Language in the General settings, not under Corrections. Thank you.

Ah, yeah, the language options under the General tab are for switching the program interface–menu titles and such–using volunteer-provided translations, but these don’t affect the spell check dictionary.