Dynamic chapter headings?

I have my book structured to where the chapter header, example,
Chapter One
is in its own file. I would like to be able to call the title of this file as the name but when I try <$title> it doesnt work on compile yet <$t> works on numbers. It would be a super nifty thing to change the chapter name by renaming the title within the binder
Can anyone help me or must I manually change it within the actual file?

Have you explored Scrivener’s capability to generate headings for you, using those same binder titles (or even ignoring them entirely and building generic titles like “Chapter 21”)? Under normal conditions there should be no reason to type the title into a text editor. Generating them automatically means one central definition for the content and formatting of headings, as well as keeping ugly counting codes and whatnot out of the editor or binder.

For example you can go into the Formatting compile option pane, click on the folder icon to change how folders print and click the “Title” checkbox. Now all you have to do is style the heading using the mock editor below. The Section Layout button is where you would insert boilerplate content like counters, line breaks and so forth.

Most of our templates work this way by default, incidentally, so if you’d like to see an example all wired up for use, check out one of those. Some, like the general non-fiction template, demonstrate more complex examples as well. In that one, folders at level one of the outline will generate chapter headings, while folders at lower levels will insert simple headings in decreasing font sizes the deeper the outline level.

Ok, cool, that’s one nifty thing, but what about the images that I want above the chapter number?
oh yeah, How would I get the curly quotes and change the underline back to italics in the compiled document oh never mind, I started poking about and adjusting a few things. This is kinda cool now, I take it if I compile for kindle/ebooks that it would do the same thing?