Dynamic on-the-fly wordcount

Hi! I love every part of Scrivener, there is just one thing missing - a quick way to assess the length of a text part in a document. Right now you can only see the full length of the text in the bottom bar. Ideally those figures would change to whatever length a marked area is - so, when I mark an area of text, I would get immediate respons on how long that part is. This would be very useful for journalists (like me) who always have to mind the length of different parts of the text. In Word (i hate that product otherwise) they have the easy action of just marking a part of the text, and then choose word count. This is what I’m looking for, but even quicker.

Best regards, Nanok Bie, a customer from Sweden.

I just discovered that I can ctrl-click on a marked area and see the word count immediately, and that’ll do for me. Sorry for not finding that option before sending a request (but that was more trial and error than anything else…). BR, Nanok

No problem, and actually what you asked for is coming in 2.0 as that is a better solution anyway.
All the best,

Just a note to say I was hoping for this feature and, before searching the forum, was going to post a “wish list” request for it. The ctrl-click on selected text is very useful in the meantime! (As this is my first post here, I’d also like to say “thank you” for an excellent, well thought-out product.)