Dynamic Table Of Content

My wish : a dynamic table of content based on the name of the files and styled title in the files.
I wish I could choose titles to be used in the table of contents.
Most of the writing software can do it, why not Scrivener !?

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Have you tried using the Scrivener links-based table of contents (Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC)? This allows you to create and control a table of contents from whatever documents you wish to include in it.

Yes I have tried this TOC. But, as you say, it’s based on documents, and I would also like to create a TOC in each document. This TOC should based on choices paragraph styles (Title1, Title2…).

There are no plans to add anything like that - the best thing to do if you need that is to export to Word or another word processor and do it there.

That is why I wish that it will be a new feature of Scrivener 3 !

It will not be a new feature for Scrivener 3, sorry - it was discussed but decided against. :slight_smile:

Hi, newbie here…

I’m a bit confused regarding adding a TOC?

When I compile to epub it shows a “contents” section, yet no page numbers and the chapter titles are not clickable?

Regarding the post about about “Edit, Copy Special…”, my version (downloaded today) doesn’t have any TOC option to select?

UPDATE: I realised then when runnng a epub using Sumatra PDF reader it can read the epub but the contents are not clickable. I just tried loading my baby epub onto my phone and it’s plenty clicky

Similar problem.

I compile and everything is great BUT no Table of Contents appeared.

Any suggestions?

Could you provide a little more information on what you are doing? For example, are you compiling to PDF? That won’t automatically create a table of contents under any circumstances.


I’ve attached some screenshots that might help.
Thailand Screenshots.zip (966 KB)

Okay, from your compile “Contents” screenshot, it looks like all of your book content has been written into folders. That’s fine, you can work that way if you want, but the default settings in the software assume you’ll be putting one or more files into the folders and writing into those. It thus inserts a section break whenever a folder follows a file. If there are no files in your Binder, just a list of folders, you won’t get any section breaks and the Kindle ToC will be largely empty. So go into Separators and make sure that section breaks are inserted between folders.

Alternately, if your chapters are only going to consist of one file each, you can change all those folders to documents using the gear icon at the bottom of the binder (first selecting all of your chapter folders). The default compile settings will treat top-level files as chapters, providing a ToC in ebooks at least.

Thanks heaps, guys! My TOC is right where it should be!