dynamic text modules and references

i’m new to scrivener and i wanted to ask whether it is possible to define something like “dynamic text modules”. what i mean is to assign a certain abreviation or command to a piece of text such that this text is replaced for the abreviation during the compilation. this is a funcionality that comes in handy if you have to insert a certain fixed string of characters over and over again (such as a name or the title of a work) and might have to adjust it at a later stage (without having to run a search/replace query). maybe this is rather something for markup-systems like latex, but something similar is available in word too (albeit without the dynamic aspect), and it would be cool to have it in scrivener.

furthermore, i wanted to ask whether it is possible to add dynamic references to, say, numbers of section titles or of tables or footnotes and the like.

Not yet, but this is something that is designed and will be implemented. The basics of it are: you’ll be able to assign replacements at the preset level—that is to say, when you pull down a preset from the Format As menu, you can bake replacements into those to make them available to multiple projects. Then secondary to that, you’ll have project level replacements that only work in that project—for localised things like technical terms or other book specific needs. The replacement system will support single-variable passing. In other words, you can do something like %img(graphic.png) and have it expand to something like <img src="webroot/gfx/graphic.png" alt="" />.

More advanced counter handling is also slated. You’ll be able to assign multiple streams to counter types so you can run two <$n> streams at once, and further assign individual IDs to a counter instance so that you can reference it later on. Example, “See Fig. <$n:figures:figure_name>”—and of course you can use replacements to make that even easier, so a replacement generates the extended counter syntax and you just supply the figure ID.

So yeah, lots of cool stuff in the works for all of this.

As for title of work and other things of that nature, I’d have to double check what all is currently available, but a very large array of handy built-in tokens will be gradually introduced over time, such as <$title> and <$projecttitle> and so on.

I’m really looking forward to having more than one <$n> counter, eg one for figures, one for tables and one for equations. Is there a time frame for when this cross-referencing system will be updated?