Dynamic ToC Page Numbers, Header Images

First of all, I love Scrivener. I desire greatly to sit at your feet and worship you for eternity.

That being said…

I format all of my books for printing with Createspace using Scrivener. There are two things that would just completely blow me away if I could have them:

  1. The ability to create a ToC with dynamic page numbers for your chapters. I’m thinking something like:

<$p:Chapter One>

So that when I put that in my ToC “Page” field, it will put whatever page number my section “Chapter One” starts on.

  1. Images in headers/footers. For somereason, the <$img:> placeholder tag is not allowed in headers. I’m not sure if this is a coding thing or what, but I would LOOOVE the ability to put little favicon-sized images in my page headers and footers, so I could have little book-related logos on either side of my chapter titles and/or page numbers.

I am already so, so happy with the product I get when formatting my print books through Scrivener. These little tweaks would just take it over the top for me.

The first thing you can already do using a different technique. A “<$p>” token that has been internally linked to another document will print the page number of the target document. This technique utilised automatically when selecting a number of items in the Binder and use `Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as ToC". This will produce a formatted list of documents with the title on the left and the page number on the right.

Placing images in the header/footer is from what I understand a technical limitation with how we generate the RTF codes here. This is the sort of thing that is very easily fixed in a word processor after compiling, though. One or two adjustments to the header/footer should fix the whole work.