E-mail directly from Compile

I’d love the option of e-mailing directly from the compile window. As it is, I have to first compile/save the document and then e-mail it manually. This is a cumbersome step. And it fills up my hard drive with files that I don’t need. (Often, I e-mail a draft of a work-in-progress to a client or colleague. But, I have no need to save the compiled work-in-progress draft on my own hard drive. I’ve got Scrivener. Scrivener holds the work-in-progress).

Thoughts on this? Just want to make sure someone saw it…

Sorry, saw it but it was Christmas. :slight_smile: How would it work? How would you tell Scrivener to compile for email? It’s most likely technically possible (I assume I would just create a temporary file and use AppleScript to send it to Mail, although there may be problems if the user is using a different email client…), but I’m not sure there would be a straightforward way of adding it to the interface. It’s one of those things that might save the user an extra step, but do enough users need or do it to justify the extra interface clutter, or is it just one of those things that really isn’t enough of a hassle for the user to justify extra complexity in the program?

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I email many edited files to authors and simply use File, Export, to Desktop, and drag the resulting file directly to the Mail icon. After that, I drag it to the Trash.

You’d tell Scrivener compile for whatever format you’d like (.pdf, .rtf, etc), then you’d be able to e-mail that file directly from the compile window (without saving it to the computer). When I open the “print” window on my Mac laptop, there’s a .pdf menu that allows me to e-mail a .pdf directly from the print window. (I don’t remember if this is part of some Adobe plug-in or part of the OS core functionality), but anyway, I imagine Scrivener working like that.

As for who would use it, I can’t speak for anyone except me. (I wouldn’t dare :wink:) But I would use it quite a bit.

There are ways of automating this kind of process by employing the Automator scripting program. I’ve not done a lot of it, but I know that you can make a folder run a script when a new file arrives in it, and I’d be astounded if there weren’t hooks to make such a file an email attachment. I can’t be any more specific on the subject at the moment, but a google search on “Mac os X folder email attachment automator” yielded this near the top of the results: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/Email_Attachments_with_Automator/, and this youtube video show how to create a “Folder Action” automator script entirely with the mouse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP08R5c5b3o&feature=player_embedded#! Between those two links, you could probably set up what you need.

Pretty neat, huh?

My husband used geeky magic to show me Automator and how to do this. For those interested, it’s very simple.

  1. Create a folder somewhere easily accessible (or add it to your sidebar in the finder)
  2. Launch “Automator” It will ask what sort of action you want to make, choose “folder action”
  3. Select the folder you created (in step #1) in the right hand pane of automator (the automator flow chart)
  4. Click “Mail” in the left hand pane
  5. Drag “New Mail Message” over to the right hand workflow pane.
  6. Save the automator action.

To compile/email in one step, compile the document to the folder you created in step #1.

An email message will pop up.

(All this only works for Apple Mail.)