E-mail or Print "Compare Text" window from snapshot?

OK, I hope I’m not (again) asking for a feature that already exists and that I’m just too lazy to find, BUT…

I’d love to be able to e-mail/print the “compare text” window from a snapshot (and, in an ideal world, from multiple snapshots). Then, if a client asks “What has changed?” I can just send him a copy of the comparison. I don’t have to talk him through every single edit.

Surely you can just copy and paste the text into an email?

A managable (and yes, obvious, solution) Will all the cross outs, colors and formatting be preserved with a cut and paste? No matter what e-mail client its coming from and no matter what e-mail client it’s going to? And, beyond cutting and pasting a whole bunch of “compare” snapshots from different documents, is there a way to show the client revisions across an entire draft?

Yes, colours will come across, and strikethroughs, because that’s all rich text. It will depend on email client, though, so it will probably be better to paste into TextEdit and save as an RTF file or PDF. I’ll add the ability to print/create PDFs from snapshots in a future version. You can already drag snapshots into the editor, so “Print Current Document” just needs to work when a snapshot is visible in the editor.

There’s no obvious way for an editor to see revisions across the entire draft, unless you use revision mode while making the revisions so that changes are added in a different colour.

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