Early Thoughts

I’ve just started looking at Scrivener and my first impression is I love it. The corkboard is exactly what I have been looking for for years. I have been an ardent mind manager fan as I tend to be very visual in my thinking, and simple outlines haven’t done it for me.

That being said, I have some off the cuff things I’d love to see in the clipboard.

• More Keyboard Shortcuts - I’d love to really be able to navigate, enter titles, enter synopsis without taking my hands from the keys. Ideally I’d love to even move cards this way, but that’s not quite as critical. When I get there, I’m not in direct mind dump mode anymore.

• Ability to stack cards from the corkboard view. As I start to group things I hate having to switch back to outline view. I’d love to be able to just stack the cards on top of each other. Also, having that, I’d like to beable to click on the little icon showing the stack and drill down into

There are times when I move something in the binder, that I can’t seem to get back to my cards easily. I get the one card of the Draft Level 1, but not the cards for the Level II. I think this is more me just getting used to the program at this point however. All in all I think I will love this program and live on the corkboard!

Use the arrow keys to select the card you wish to edit, and press the key. Tab and Shift-Tab will move back and forth between title and synopsis. Note you can “walk” through all of the cards pressing tab, once you are editing. Press or to leave edit mode.

As for moving cards around… I thought you could, but I guess not. You can move things around in the Binder with the keyboard. Cmd-Ctrl-Arrow keys. Up and Down are obvious, Left and Right will move a document up and down the hierarchy.

Not sure what you mean by that. If you want to simply dump cards into another card, so they become children of it in the Binder, you can just drag and drop cards onto other cards to do that. When an index card has structure beneath it, the appearance will change to a stack in the corkboard.

To “drill down,” try double-clicking the icon.

As for why the view mode changes all of the time, check out Preferences in the Navigation tab. You can fine-tune how Scrivener acts when you click on various things in the Binder. By default it automatically determines which mode based on certain logical factors. But if those factors are not logical for you, there are a number of ways it can be set up, including removing automation altogether. Then the view mode will stick, no matter what you click on.

Thanks on those tips. I’ll try them.

On the stacking cards, your assumption is exactly right…I do want to dump cards into another card, but that doesn’t seem to work. In the binder, they would become a sub-level. I can drag there but whenever I drag the card itself,they just move, and don’t “stack” or nest.

Sounds like your tips will solve most of my other desires though.

Hmm. Perhaps you mean something slightly different than what I thought. That cards become sub-cards of other cards in the Binder is just another way of looking at a stack. Since they aren’t really cards, that is pretty much the closest digital way of representing a stack of cards. You make a group of them by stacking them under a card which defines what the stack means. So a stack of character cards would all be groups under a binder item called “Characters” for example. Consider the top-level “Characters” container a tab in a box of index cards.

If you mean you want them to visually “stack” like on a desk, yes the Corkboard does not handle that. It only displays one level at once. The idea to visually show depth was tossed around a long while back, but no good, clean ways of representing this information were discovered. There certainly are ways of doing it, but nothing that fit into Scrivener’s look and feel, if you know what I mean. So instead, you get a differently looking card icon on the corkboard that lets you know the card in question contains other cards. As said, double-clicking on the icon will reveal them.

I think what he means is that you cannot drag a card in the corkboard onto another card in the corkboard to create a stack (group). You can only drag between cards in the corkboard.

I think having the Documents > Move menu affect cards on the corkboard is a reasonable request, though I can’t promise anything as we are nearing 1.1 at the moment and after that I won’t be adding anything for a little while.

Thanks and all the best,