Easier access to Edit Scrivenings

Great programme. Just updated to 1.5. Keep it up!

I’d like to see a shortcut or button that allows you to edit scrivenings for the draft (or some other folder) instantly.

I often use Scrivener for writing magazine articles and find it’s handy for breaking up paragraphs. However, when I need to edit the entire body it takes two or three clicks to enter the edit scrivenings mode. It would be cool if this process could be speeded up.


I will be overhauling the integration of Edit Scrivenings, Corkboard and Outliner for 2.0, which should grant your wish. There will be an Edit Scrivenings mode where just selecting different files or folders will automatically open them in Edit Scrivenings and so forth.

Thanks and all the best,

Have you tried the option in Navigation which lets you open a folder (or document stack if they are treated as folders) using E.S. instead of Corkboard/Outliner? If you have that option checked, you can still click on a folder and get a corkboard by holding down the Option key.

Alternatively, you can hold down the Option key and get an E.S. session without changing your settings, too. That behaviour switches back and forth depending on which is default. So just Opt-Click on the Draft and you should be good to go.