Easier access to Styles and Lists

Sorry, if this has been asked before; I did some random searches but I’m not sure what the appropriate search-term would be.

Anyway, I’m a recent evaluator of this software for my thesis, and am pretty certain that I will end up using Scrivener as my main authoring program from now on.

Coming from other word processors, which have all failed me somehow, Scrivener offers a refreshing way to publish large documents. The one feature I am used to, however, is to be able to make quick changes to styles, fonts, lists, etc., for which I have to dig through Scrivener’s ‘Text Menu.’ I would love to have an easier access to functions in whatever way possible.

  • Either a ‘Text Inspector’ option like in Apple’s Pages, which could be a tabbed add-on to the existing inspector.
  • Optional menu buttons, though I realise that clutter is ugly.
  • Or a simple keyboard short-cut. I love the command+T for ‘fonts,’ but I would love a command+L for ‘Lists’ and command+Something for ‘styles.’ Being a Quicksilver-trigger addict, this would already solve all my problems.

Thanks, and sorry for adding to what must already be a long wishlist. Great program, nevertheless!

command-R will bring up the ruler, with all of the formatting available in apple’s text system.

Thanks, Janra, for responding. Yes, Scrivener uses the same text formatting as TextEdit, so all of this is done through the ruler (which can be brought up via Cmd-R or by selecting Show Ruler from the Text menu).

While there are menu commands for both Lists and Styles (see Text/Font/Styles…, and Text/List…) which can have keyboard short-cuts assigned to them using the OS system tools, you will find that they are both quite an unsatisfactory option to the Ruler’s drop-down menus. Neither quickly provides you with a list of your favourites – in fact Lists makes your create the whole appearance from scratch every time.

Thank Apple for all of that.

Wow, that’s amazing. Shows what a n00b I am in Apple-world, huh? Anyway thanks for this!