Easier Way to Create Linked Fields

First, maybe there should be a feature request section in this forum, since this post is one of those ignoble specimens.

I’d like to use Scapple to project notes during discussion in a college-level English class. Since these discussions can become fast-paced, I’d prefer a way to very quickly create child nodes. I’ve already set it to create a new node when hitting return, which is a step, but perhaps it could automatically link that node to whatever is selected, so I don’t have to drag it?

Check out the Notes/New Connected Note menu command, the contents of which light up when you have one or more notes selected. Here you’ll find directional creation commands that are all hotkeyed. The only thing with that technique is that it isn’t designed to create bulk connections off of a central note. Right is always dead right, even if a note is already there. If you keep building outward though, it can work nicely.

So what might work better for you are stacks, not for the stack itself since you want connections, but merely as a shortcut method for getting things set up to easily fix later. By hitting Cmd-Return on a selected note you can build a list of times, then select them all starting at the top (clicking the top item in a stack and using Opt-Cmd-A works nice) and then hit Shift-Cmd-. to link all selected items to the first item you picked. And maybe you’ll end up liking stacks alone for this. I myself prefer to save lines for rarer connections and use stacked lists for grouping associated ideas. I like stacks because you can insert and remove notes without having to worry about positioning.

Of course you can use the latter half of that method with any set of notes, they don’t have to be stacked, I only suggested stacking because it provides for any easy way to quickly dump out a bunch of notes without having to think about placement. If you prefer to create where you want to place it, you could still use this method of mass linking after the notes are there.

Hopefully that provides a few ideas.