Easiest Import from OS X Mail

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Let’s get the praise out of the way: I use Scrivener everyday, and have for the last six years. It’s a brilliant program, and much praise is due.

Two things, in particular: Your custom colored icons look great, whereas those for most other programs look like garbage. Well done. Also, my first feature request was for the “Notes” functionality, and I was overjoyed to see it in 2.0. Just that single feature made the upgrade worth it. Thank you.

On topic: What’s is the easiest way to import OS X Mail messages into Scrivener? I figured out how it can be done (save messages as RTF, import RTF files), but is there a quicker way?

Not for Scrivener, alas, but you may quickly import mailboxes from Mail into
DevonThink Pro. That’s how I archive old mail from Netscape, Eudora, Entourage, etc.
If you’re only doing a few letters, then you’ve found a good method.
It’s also possible to copy-paste Mail contents into Scrivener as a quick/dirty method.

As druid says, there’s no way to do this directly, much to my own annoyance, too. Apple doesn’t use any public drag types, so other apps cannot register to receive drags and grab the information from there. Developers have been asking Apple to provide some way of doing this for years. I don’t believe even DevonTHINK can grab the text directly; I think it uses a Quick Look preview to view the underlying EML file, grabbing it from a URL placed on the pasteboard (although I could be wrong). The trouble is that the EML format is private, so Scrivener couldn’t grab the text from there…

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I’m not sure how DTP does drag-and-drop out of Mail, but they do install a plug-in for Mail. I think that is just to facilitate batch import with the Office version, as well as the menu commands that are added to Mail—but it might be doing some other magic as well.