Easily creating lists with bullets?


The only way I know in order to do so is as follows: Text > List…

Maybe there’s a simpler, faster, more user-friendly way (as in TextEdit, for instance).

Please, let me know.

Try OPT-8. that will give you just a •

Hi Jaysen,

Well, I’m afraid “Option-8” on a azerty keyboard on a macbook pro does’nt give the expected result:

Alt-shift-8 = Û
Alt-8 = ¡

Thanks anyway :wink:

Saying what keyboard you’re using is a good thing when asking for such help.

Go to the “International” dialog in system prefs, set it to Show Keyboard Viewer. Open that from the resulting menu and as you press the shift, option and shift-option key combinations, it should show you where the bullet point is hiding on your keyboard. Opt-8 is standard on Qwerty keyboards.


What user-friendly way are you referring to? TextEdit and Scrivener’s approach to the bullet list is nearly identical (down to the menu organisation). Perhaps you are looking for a drop-down menu on a rule? If so, try pressing Cmd-R to reveal the ruler in Scrivener. It has everything TextEdit’s ruler has, and a little more.

Option-8 (or whatever your keyboard requires) will create a bullet, but this will not create a true list. If you are going to be exporting to a word processor at the end of your project you may want to stick with the list generation function. Keep in mind that not all word processor’s correctly understand Scrivener’s lists (actually these are just system level lists, the same as TextEdit), so it may not even be an issue with your particular set-up. You may want to experiment and see if lists stay lists after you import. Of course, if none of that matters and all you need is something that looks like a list, creating bullets manually works just fine.



Thanks to Mark and Amber.

Yes Amber, that is exactly what I was looking for :smiley: (didn’t think of Cmd-R…)

I’ve just been trying out: the bullet lists created as mentioned above seem to export correctly to PDF 8) (although I didn’t try it with hundreds of bullets).