Easy Indent Paragraph Icon

Please add a simple set of icons in the tool bar to allow user’s to shift the paragraph further to the left or right.

Please please!

The absence of an on the fly way to set the indent drives me crazy. All of word processing packages allow this. Liquid Story Binder ( a really great windows rival to Scrivener) allows it. It seems unbelievable that there isnt this simple function on Scrivener

The menu items for this are under Format > Text > Indents. Increasing and decreasing indents have a shortcut pre-assigned, and you can use the Keyboard settings in System Preferences to assign shortcuts to any of the others if you like. You might also want to check out presets, if you’re going back and forth between two or three formatting settings for paragraphs, especially if you need to adjust both right and left indents or any other ruler or character settings; they can have keyboard shortcuts assigned as well, as long as you give them unique names.