Easy now to synch on WebDav

Because osx / ios synchronization was the most laborious thing for me (I do not want to use the cloud) and I have finally found the solution, let me make a post on a small piece of software (not new) I just discovered that revolutionize the way I work with the ipad! MediaMaster Server creates a webdav server on your mac and then enables you to synchronize the simplest way with a text editor ios (which support webdav, Daedalus for example). For me it is amazing (for those who know very well the network, maybe not, I know). That’s it! https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/mediamaster-server/id427559105?mt=12. And bye bye, dropbox, sugarsync, itune, icloud and all the cloud, and all these f…k way to synchronise yours texts.

NB. You do not need the ipad ios version, just on osx.