Easy option to switch between line break and paragraph break to write and export poetry

Hi. I am a user of Scrivener 2 (Windows). I work as an editorial designer. I also write narrative and poetry, and Scrivener seems to me software that borders on perfection. Today I read that the application, in its version for Mac, improved its export options to ePub. That’s why I want to make the following request. When you edit poetry e-books or post poems on web pages, you must convert paragraph breaks into line breaks for verses (not for stanzas) in order for the default format, which sometimes includes spaces before and after of the paragraph, do not visually dismember the poems. This can be adjusted by means of commands in the Scrivener options, but I would like (it would be a dream) that there would be a simpler option to use the application in “poetry mode” (Enter for line break and double Enter for paragraph) and “Narrative mode” (Enter for paragraph and Alt Enter for line break) to facilitate the export of poems. Thank you very much and I wish you all a happy Sunday.