Easy-peezy photo cropping for use with Scriv

I’m trying the trick of casting my next book’s characters, and using actor photos for the synopsis of their character sketch documents in scrivener.

Occasionally, I’ll pick a photo that is fairly tall, and when I view the character sheets in corkboard mode, the square photo view only shows their torso. Now, while some torsos are worth contemplating on their own, what I’m really after is the actor’s face.

Since Scrivener doesn’t have any method of cropping a photo, or choosing which part of it to display in the synopsis/cork board views, I’m looking for a dead-simple (and CONVENIENT) way to crop photos so they fit the aspect ratio of the cork board’s photo display.

Any tool recommendations?

techiecorner.com/1185/how-to … -mac-os-x/

I don’t have a mac so no idea if this is garbage or not

+1 for Preview.
Doesnt get easier or convenienter :slight_smile:

Agree. For simple juggling, trimming, and re-scaling, it’s as simple and direct (and convenient) as you could want… not that I’m going to trash Elements.