Easy Rider?

Comment on BBC Radio 4 prog: “His case wouldn’t stand up in court.”
Easy Rider.jpg

The question is, will this harm or improve sales?

Did his significant other complain about it?

These days it would probably be cheaper to get a BMW than those little blue pills.

Anybody buying one? :smiling_imp:

The question is how many wives/girlfriends will be buying BMW’s with a note that reads (now you can keep up) :slight_smile:

It’s the well placed advert for “Monumental Sculptors & Manufacturers of Granite Memorials” that makes it!

That’s roughly (very roughly) the jist of the reply I sent to my brother-in-law, who emailed me with the clipping! :laughing: :laughing:
Something’s just occurred to me! I wonder if his lawyers are working pro-bone-io :laughing:

So what you are saying is that I basically have the same thought patterns as you, but I’m 17 hours slower?


oh dear :slight_smile:

Or maybe you are a vic-k personality and are just now discovering it.


It’s true that I have never seen myself and Vic in the same room at the same time.

Neither has Vic.


I have been requested to act as an intermediary, by a certain party. Said party feels the thread is tobogganing, irrevocably off topic. A mettle testing opportunity for our newly promoted moderators.

ha. even the long serving mods have long since abandoned this part of the forum. i,d say there,s limited chance of seeing the new sheriffs in these wild plains

This is clearly not one of those half-cocked, frivolous lawsuits. I heard the lawyer say, “We have hard evidence that my client was stiffed by BMW. We are confident that our case will rise to the challenge. My client is an upstanding member of society, and I can assure you that the rumors about Mr. Peter Johnson are all baloney.”

[size=150]Young ‘n’, don’t you mean salami? [/size]

'twas only a rhetorical taunt, cousin. If they ever do anything even moderately moderatorish , the ship will probably blow up!

I found a clip of one of Fluff’s henchman training his human!


tch!tch! That’s purrversion!!

That would give me a 20 month erection.