Easy Task Manager

Since two or three days, there is a new version (2.0) of Easy Task Manager. Seems interesting for those who don’t share tasks with others. Looks rather similar to iGTD, which might be discontinued (its developer seems to have disappeared from our planet). Cross-platform.

See orionbelt.com .

I no longer use iGTD but it is worrying that Bartek seems to have just disappeared. I just looked on the iGTD forum and NO-ONE seems to have any idea where the hell he is.

Not sure if I like the look of easy task manager - I mean, other than continued development and cross platform support, what does it have over iGTD?

Actually, I suppose those things are really important; the first one is anyway.

Easy Task’s website is not very clear about the differences between the free demo version and the full version, which costs $ 20. But as far as I can see, the full version has some features the free version doesn’t have: alarms, a preview panel, more sophisticated recurrence options.

iGTD doesn’t have alarms; but it has tags, which are lacking in Easy Task. But personally, I don’t think tags are terribly important in a similar application.

And then, yes, there is the question of the continued support, which indeed is very important.

But, as I said, the two applications are rather similar. I have decided to stick for the moment with iGTD, which I actually quite like. Should ETM evolve into a killer application, and should iGTD’s development indeed be discontinued, then ETM might turn out to be a clearly better choice.

I’m currently test driving Things, which has a lot of potential because of its flexibility. You can use it in many different ways, depending on your preferences.

It looks like some of you are more experienced with this kind of software. I’d really appreciate any insight.



Things is the reason I no longer use iGTD

Things is the only GTD application I’ve been able to use consistently - everything else felt like I was getting bogged down maintaining a database, rather than actually getting stuff done. There’s a long thread about Things here:


I tried out Things for some time. It is undoubtedly a nice application, and I won’t dispute its merits. Yet personally, I vastly prefer iGTD’s (or Easy Task’s) outlook and feeling to those of Things. Working with Things for me feels like a duty to be performed; working with iGTD feels like a pleasant experience. But of course this is all very personal.

Very true.
For me I felt the other way around - iGTD feels like a duty to be performed and Things feels very pleasant.

I feel crazy fro going back to OmniFocus but it the only one that feels right to me. Probably b/c I used Kinkless as my first “GTD” experience. I could never grasp iGTD as it always felt overwhelming. I do like Things quite a bit but for some reason I like OmniFocus more.