Easy to implement and would be a time saver

Love the program, and am continuing to find great uses for it.

I noticed that you moved the styles in the format bar to the far left position from the far right. I also notice that there is a lot of unused space to the right of the format bar. I would dearly love it if it were possible to place the most used styles there as one click buttons, user configurable, of course, for how else could the most used style appear there. As changing between styles is something I do all the time, it would be a big time saver.

One other thing that would be nice is a direct shortcut key or icon to Layout -> Swap Editors. That would facilitate getting the left editor set up when I use the Binder Affects Right Editor.

Great Program.


Hi Onno,

That wouldn’t at all be easy to implement, sorry. :slight_smile: I think the best solution for both of these though is to assign your own keyboard shortcuts via the “Keyboard” pane of System Preferences - this allows you to modify or assign any keyboard shortcuts you want.

All the best,

I used Apple’s keyboard shortcut for external web links, as I did not use the internal links, but they only work half of the time, for whatever reason. Now maybe with Lion, that will change.

Another question. Apple has a new history but it has to be incorporated into the program. Is that at all on the horizon?

Once again, Great program. I’m using to connect together all kinds of projects. Its an incredible environment in which to do projects.