Easy use of new MMD-->PDF?

I’ve been using Scrivener to produce LaTeX for TeXShop to typeset for a while, and got excited when I learnt that v2.3 would be able to compile direct to PDF without me having to use TeXShop at all. But it doesn’t quite work.

My problem is that I need to use XeLaTeX, and while I’ve attempted to follow the instructions on various forums to persuade MMD to use XeLaTeX, none of them seems to work.

When compiling MMD–>LaTeX I use a simple Meta-Data document as the first in my Draft folder in the binder in Scrivener:

Nothing else. This produces a fantastic .tex file that TeXShop can typeset. But so far I can’t get the new Scrivener v2.3 compile MMD–>PDF to work with similar ease. Is there a solution?

I don’t think you will be able to use the MMD --> PDF with XeLatex, because MMD --> PDF uses the PDFLatex typesetting engine, which means you can’t user the XeLatex engine to typeset.

However, that answer is a long way from definitive and might even be wrong: I use XeLatex myself, so once I hit a block I stopped trying to get the MMD to PDF to work. I had tweaked the mmd-memoir-header file to call fontspec, but PDFLatex didn’t like fontspec.

Wiser heads may be able to give more accurate and – possibly - more hopeful advice.