Easy way of compiling different versions of a document


I have a manuscript of poetry that I have created in Scrivener and need to have a version which doesn’t have certain pages. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thanks for the help!

Are these exclusions constant? If so, you should just use the “Include in Compile” checkbox, in the Inspector. That is there for you to put non-export material in the draft, like notes and such. If it is something you are only excluding occasionally, then a better solution is to make a collection. Put the stuff you temporarily exclude in that collection, and then in the Contents compile option pane, use the filter feature to exclude anything assigned to that collection. When you want a full output, disable the filter.

Thank you! I think that’s what I needed. I think the latter solution (collection). I have the complete manuscript that I’m compiling for publication but then I need another version without certain pages to submit to contests (without dedication page, cover w/name page, copyright page, etc).

Yes, I think the collection & filter method sounds perfect for that kind of alternation.