Easy Way To Make Chapters Start On Right?

I read this thread:

But it was a bit confusing.

Is there a simplier way to make sure all the chapters start on the right side of the page?

I tried PAGE BREAK BEFORE option and that did not work.


Have you gone through the documentation on this feature, yet? It starts on page 382, and even provides a few practical examples. Basically you just need to access those options I mentioned, for the type of item(s) in the Formatting compile pane that are responsible for generating chapter titles. It isn’t really going to get much simpler than that, because Scrivener (like a word processor) doesn’t really know what a “chapter” is. You tell the software to make certain things act like a chapter break using various tools for doing so, and this is one of those tools.

Nevermind. I read that with fiction, they don’t need to always start on the right side. More appropriate for manuals and non-fiction.