Ebook Compile bug in Newest release

My previous build of Scrivener before updating yesterday allowed me to compile an epub of my personal Writing Tutorials collection (which I then use Kindle Preview to translate into a readable mobi file for my Kindle Fire HD). But when I tried to compile the file after adding the latest blog article to it, it will get 99% done and then come up with a generic “Error compiling epub book” error and just stop. What gives?

EDIT (One minute after posting above): Okay, just did a check and when I didn’t include the new blog post in the file and it compiled just fine. I think it has to do with how I import the html into the reference section using a dynamic browser option thingy and then copy and paste everything (including the images) into a new file in the draft section (so it gets compiled when the ebook itself compiles).

It could be that one of the images involved has a problem with it that is halting the compiler. I would try without the graphics first, and see if that resolves the problem. If it does, you can add them in one by one until it breaks again.

I went back and did that, it still broke the compile. So I deleted the file altogether. I’ll find another way to add it into the compilation. Thanks for the prompt reply.