Ebook Compile- How to Centre "THE END" on the last page

Self explanatory question in the post title.
I’m simply trying to centre the single line THE END at the end (har har) of my last chapter when it compiles to ebook formats. I’ve read the manual bits, looked online, and I’m missing something basic.
So, with apologies for a dumb question:
How do I do that?


No worries, it’s a little bit out of the way to get there so it’s not a dumb question. :slight_smile: The easiest way to do this would be to make sure you can see all of the compile options. Click the blue arrow button if necessary, to do so. With options shown, click on the “Transformations” settings pane. At the bottom of that you should see a checkbox for “Mark end of text with”. Enable that, and simply type in “THE END”. Compile and it should come out at the bottom with centre alignment. Of course, you’ll want to delete the ending text from the manuscript before doing this.

If you want a little more control over how it looks (maybe a different font size for example), then you could simply make a file at the bottom of the Draft that just contains “The End”. Style it however you like, and then open the Inspector with the blue ‘i’ button in the toolbar. In the “General” section, enable “Compile As-Is”. This will tell the compiler to leave this document’s formatting alone, and it also will disable any automatic title generation that might otherwise have occurred (causing it to become its own chapter, for instance).

Correction: I was just informed that the simple method described in the Transformations compile pane will be removed from the next release (which is imminent). It was buggy with e-books, and very rarely necessary. So stick with the second option as that should continue to work going forward.