Ebook compile issues : Separators in a text file & first line indenting in a paragraph

In my novel, I use an * (page centered) to indicate a time gap.

When I compile the ebook, I get a single, left aligned * instead. Is there a way to overcome this or is there some magic ‘separator’ that will draw a horizontal line or put something in a bit more noticeable that a left aligned *?

Also, months ago I asked about turning OFF the paragraph indent in the ebook compile process. I have blank lines between paragraphs and do NOT want my paras indented. Any help on this would be most appreciated!


For the separator, if the two time period sections were separate text documents you can go into the extended compile settings (by clicking the down arrow) and go the Separators tab. Then set the top option for the separator between text documents to Custom and then enter the asterisk, or anything else you want to use.

If the documents aren’t separate you can split them easily by placing the cursor where you want the split and the using ctrl-k to split them.

For the indents, when you are in the compile settings, go to the Formatting tab and select the level of text document that you want to edit. You will see the text preview with the indent below, you can place the cursor in the body text and then on the ruler move the indent marker all the way to the left, just as if you were using the editor.

Then compile to check the result.

Thank you so much - problems solved!