eBook export on PPC

A few questions:

  1. I don’t see any eBook export options on my copy of Scrivener (it is the current version)
    Do I have to install KindleGen to see those? (I can’t since it only runs on Intel Macs)

  2. Is there any way to export to Kindle / eBook format on a PPC Mac?

  3. Is there any way to create a Kindle friendly Table Of Contents on a PPC Mac?
    (everything else is working without eBook export)



Unfortunately, Amazon’s Kindlegen utility - which is necessary for creating all Kindle files - is only available for Intel machines running 10.5 and above. The workaround is to export to ePub instead and then use Calibre, a free e-book tool, to convert to .mobi format: calibre-ebook.com/ (the guys at Calibre, I believe, had access to the .mobi format before Amazon acquired it and so have been able to write an independent converter).

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Thanks! I don’t seem to have an ‘ePub’ option under Compile (running version 2.0.4).
Maybe an upgrade issue? Oh wait, you said ‘Export’? I will check…

It should be available in the “Compile For” menu button at the bottom of the “Compile” options sheet:

(Note that in 2.0.4, come to think of it, you should still see the .mobi option there, too, because I only recently realised about the Kindlegen limitation option so it’s currently only removed in the beta for the next update.)

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