ebook novel formatting from Blank Template- 3 Questions

Hi Folks,
Well, the tutorials are still confusing me a bit and there’s some things I’m having trouble with.
Hopefully someone here will have the patience to give me a clear step by step guide to making the following things happen- with my sincere thanks.

So, I’m trying to compile a manuscript into epub/mobi.

Under “Draft”
-3 separate text pages of front matter as follows
copyright page
title page
-on the same hierarchical level as the front matter pages:
chapters as folders

         -one hierarchical level down from the chapters:
              scenes within chapters, set up with scene separators

-on the same level as front matter pages and chapter folders
back matter pages

hope that’s clear


  1. How do I make sense of the formatting levels which all seem to be labelled 1 or 1+ with pictures of Folders, 1 Page, or 2 Pages next to them? What’s what? Which is Which? What are the checkboxes about?
  2. How do I ensure that front matter and back matter are not included in the Table Of Contents as “Chapters”
  3. The mac tutorials show a “title appearance” option in the formatting bits that would give me the “uppercase words to start a new chapter” option but that tab doesn’t seem to be there in the windows version. Is that right?

Any help with these questions, which I’m sure are annoyingly thicko , would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  1. If it doesn’t imediatly make sense, it may take some mental adjustment to do so. Try this:

For everything in your Draft folder that can be expanded or collapsed, collapse those lists. What I believe that will do is leave you with a view of the front matter documents, chapter folders (but not the scenes inside them), and back matter documents. Anything that has a black disclosure triangle next to it in the Draft folder should be clicked on so that it’s an empty triangle outline, pointed to the right, in other words.

Everything you see is a “level 1” document, folder, or document stack (heretofore I’ll just call them “stacks”). Any of the compile settings for “level 1” or “level 1+” items with the corresponding icons will affect the level one documents with the corresponding icons.

Expand a chapter folder; if anything inside it has one of those “disclosure triangles,” as they’re called, then collapse them. Everything you see in that folder is a level 2 document (or folder, if you nested them this deep). They will be affected by any Compile-Formatting rows that have the same icons, that are labeled “level 2” or “level 2+” If there are none of those in the Formatting pane, then they’re going to be formatted as dictated by the corresponding “level 1+” row.

The “+” means that any document/folder/stack at that level, plus anything of a “deeper” level, will be affected by those settings.

If that’s all gobbledy-gook, take a look at the manual, under the chapter section titled “Formatting” (I believe it’s chapter 22, section 8, but I may have an older windows manual at hand. The main chapter heading you’re looking for is Compiling The Draft. Hopefully the illustrations in the Formatting section should illuminate what the levels are all about better than I can here.

Super-concise, super-informative answer to question 1.
Ten thank yous.