eBook Output Files

Thinking from an author’s perspective, one of the best things about Scrivener is its ability to output eBooks in various formats to help making our publishing efforts, well, effortless.

One that I think would be very helpful is to add an output that is in line with Smashwords.com’s style guidelines.


For those of us who use smashwords to distribute our books (a lot of us) having our document output this way qualifies us to be put into smashwords premium catalog. This in turn gets us a free ISBN for our book, inclusion in apple’s ibookstore and almost all the other major epublishers.



I would love that.

I believe Smashwords just requires PDF files - you should easily be able to set that up. See the Novel project template and Paperback Novel compile preset for an example of how to set up Compile for self-publishing (that’s an example set up mainly for CreateSpace, but the principle is the same).

I know this is an old topic, but I just wanted to clarify something in the last post.

Smashwords does not take a PDF file. It takes a specially formatted Word .doc file, which is then used to convert into all the other ebook formats and to generate a preview.

They do now allow directly uploaded .epub files, but the downside of that is there is no preview file generated. Hopefully soon Smashwords will be able to use the .epub file to do it with, as several writers I know are like me: we’re done with the .doc files.

But, in the meantime and as of this moment, to get the full benefit of Smashwords we still need a properly formatted .doc file.