eBook- Possible to do prefix only in the automatic TOC?

I’ve looked and can’t find a way to do this.

I’m compiling to ebook format (mobi). I have the formatting set to add “Chapter x” as a prefix. When I compile with an auto-generated Table of Contents, I get a TOC with “Chapter n: DocTitle” where DocTitle is the name of my binder folders. I’d like the TOC to show “Chapter n” only.

Is that possible (and if it is, how?) or do I need to create a custom TOC?



What you could do is, instead of ticking “Title” in the Formatting pane, add “<$title>” as the title suffix. Then, under “Title Adjustments”, tick the option not to include the title suffix in updated links.

Thanks Keith – works perfectly. I need to study that part of the Compile setup a little more closely. Lots of flexibility there.

You’re an impressive guy – outstanding software that you keep pushing forward, great support team, and personal involvement at all levels of the product. Don’t know when you sleep.

Thanks for the help.


Thanks! :slight_smile: