eBook Title Page Outlined

Hello! I’m compiling my first ebook (yay!) and when I preview it via Calibre, it shows the title page as small and completed outlined in a black box. My actual title page is not small nor is it outlined in black. I’ve assigned my section layout As-Is. How do I get it to compile As-Is - meaning not small, nor outlined? Thanks!

By “outlined”, do you mean like an old fashion book ?
Does it look intended ? – Like this :
If Scrivener can even do that I will have learned something new today…

As for the size, do you by any chance have this compiler’s setting checked ?

Make sure the image that you intend as the cover is first in your front matter ?

As you can see, the cover displays as it should in the above screenshot. (I used my approximately framed first screenshot as a cover.)
Does yours?

Scrivener should generate a full page cover without borders if you do it the way @Vincent_Vincent showed.

You can check the stylesheet in the CSS tab in the Compile Format Designer to see if height: 100%; and width: auto.

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Something to disambiguate is what you mean by a title page. When I think of a title page, I think of something like what you’ll find in the Novel project template starter, under “Paperback”: a large font printing of the book title followed by the author name, and whatever else you want to put in there. This would typically be an “as-is” document, as you describe. One might get a black border if they copied and pasted this from another program that was using an invisible table to crudely hack the formatting a certain way (it could also come about by co-opting the Manuscript title page, which uses a table to print information in columns above the document title).

If that may describe what you have, then try right-clicking anywhere in the text, and if there is indeed a table you’ll get a “Table” submenu in the contextual menu, from which you can remove the table. That should clear the border you are getting anyway, and it might fix the formatting too, as using tables to lay out text in an ebook isn’t how things are done, and who knows what side-effects that might have.

Otherwise, if you mean a cover page, or an image meant to represent the book in catalogue views as a thumbnail, and presented full size if a reader goes back to the very beginning of the book, then the advice for setting up a genuine Cover Image, above, is what you want to do, rather than pasting a graphic into a text file and setting it to “as-is”. That won’t actually create the necessary metadata for this to act as a formal cover page, it will just be an image in a section, and subject to ordinary image scale properties (whereas the dedicated cover image settings will force full-scale rendering regardless of the image size).


I apologize for my delayed response. Responses from the community were in my “spam” folder, so I missed them. :slight_smile:

I did not clarify when I stated Title Page - meaning the title of the book and author name, NOT the cover of the book. With that being said, I tried @AmberV suggestion, and voila! It was a table! Once I removed the mysterious table, the outline disappeared, and the Title Page now looks “as-is”.

Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions and support.