Economic Boon!

I figured with the email lotteries I have won overseas that I never entered, the young people trying to come to America with hidden millions and now I have an Oil company who wants to make me millions I am the luckiest person alive! I love the Engrish!

I am telling you what. I am moving to Nigeria and opening a bank with all those millionares crawling out of the woodwork! Its an economic boon! All we need to do is supply a complete stranger with all of our private information and financial information and in an instance we can cash in CHA-CHING!

I mean check out this latest deal.

You never know…


You need to fix the aspect ratio on your avatar. My wife hasn’t figured it out yet.

Also, I need you to settle a marital dispute. I say “sin is evil” and she says “sin is a mathematical function”. Please elucidate us. Yes dear. When you read over my shoulder I intentionally use words that you will reveal that you are reading over my shoulder even when you say you are not.

Did I fix it?

I’m glad you asked. You can never go wrong when you turn to sin to settle your marital disputes. It’s always good to follow this maxim: The wife always wins even if you’re right.

Decode that as you wish. :wink:

These fora have gone to the dogs on a handcart!! :open_mouth: tch!tch! Saints preserve us all. :frowning:

Ha! look. Again I am a lucky winner! this is awesome!

Wock, at an average of say 150lb, that is a lot of people you have won. I wonder how many will survive shipping…

Sin, I know she is always right. She told me so. But I suggested that your avatar clearly provide evidence to your nature. While there is geometry involved, there is a much larger statement being made.

BTW I finally told her what the avatar was. She hates that movie. I believe you are now on her list of bad people.

Who all is on that list? Just me and you?

Tell me what movies she likes and I’ll see about changing my avatar.

Also, I didn’t say she is always right. I just said she always wins.

They are coming in slowly and are acting very weird. What di you think? Maybe some drug infected them during the shipping process?

The trick is with her he can see further than minutes in the future…

Swimsuit Calendar Documentaries or Pron

Wock, I think it is mad cow disease.

Sin, there a difference between “right” and “win” in the eyes of a Mrs?

She want Mary Poppins

Okay, it was down to a tribute to the greatest accent ever performed or this:

Did I choose right?

Oh, you should not click on the link while the wife is watching. I probably should’ve mentioned that earlier.

How come they offered it to you? They offered it to me!!! And they’re mean, these Nigerians, only one compliment and one regard … that’s ungenerous of them!!!



Depends on who you ask. I know I would rather look at option 2. But then again I want to stay married. I’ll ask her in a few minutes.

Option #1 please. Option number two got me smacked in the back of the head. I tried to call foul, but … As you explained earlier, I will always lose.

Option two it is then. :smiling_imp: