Edit action in "other editor" affects Outliner presentation (?!?)

Windows 10, Scrivener Version: (2025341) 64-bit - 19 May 2023

I have two editors open, and the upper is an Outline and the Outliner selection is set to affect “the other editor”, i.e. the lower editor (Navigate… Outliner Selection Affects… ). I click on the Manuscript in the Binder, and lo!, the whole MS is there and I expand the outline (View…Outline… Expand All)

So, far so good. I select a document in the outliner and it appears in the other (lower) editor, but the moment I edit the document (type a single character), the outliner seems to change to sorting documents by title.

Why? And how do I stop it doing that.

(It feels like a bug, but I hesitate to pronounce it.)

Yeah, I’m occasionally seeing the same thing. I couldn’t figure out how to reproduce, so hadn’t reported it.

I believe closing and reopening the project made it stop temporarily. I may also have cleared document history on the problem editor.

This is new behavior and I call it a bug.


Thanks for confirming.

Quit and restart and it seems OK… select document in outline, edit document, outline unaffected. Select another document in the outline, and edit, and it’s still OK.

Something to watch out for, but at least there’s a workaround (I hope it lasts more than five minutes).

Will update if I get more info, but still, yeah, bug.