Edit font on existing template

I would like to change the font of an existing template. I have changed main text style in preferences to the font that I would like and I have made a project specific formatting change. However, for [tab] and [enter] pre-formatted prompts they still appear in Courier. I know that this will not change existing pages, I am trying to create new pages. I have done a google search for ‘change template font’ and ‘edit template font’ both of which take me to a service I can pay for if I want this information, which I find predatory. A search of the forums with the same terms also does not provide an immediate answer. This is ultimately a word processing tool and changing the font is a basic function, it really shouldn’t be this hard.

Do any of the formatting tips in this post help?


Are you using a scriptwriting template? Followed the formatting and management guidance given in section 20.7 and onwards in the latest manual?