Edit in Scrivener

I really like the “Edit in WriteRoom” feature that WriteRoom adds to any native OS X app. It’s great to BANG! be in writing-only mode wherever you are.

Is there any chance that something like this would be added to Scrivener?

I don’t really think this sort of thing belongs in Scrivener. TextMate has it, as well as WriteRoom, but the difference is that they are both text editors rather than complete writing environments (well, that’s not quite true - but they can be used as nothing more than text editors if you want, whereas Scrivener always has a whole project attached to the text you edit). So I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to edit a piece of text inside Scrivener without importing it into the project first…
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[size=150]OPTION + COMMAND + F[/size]

= Write Only Mode. [Full Screen]

And customizable to boot.

Hope That Helps

KB, Why must you harsh my mellow? :confused:

Wock, thank you, I knew about Full Screen mode.

Not trying to harsh anyone’s mellow (!), just trying to explain why I won’t be adding anything like this to Scrivener. :slight_smile:

But if you have WriteRoom that already does this, then why would you need Scrivener to do the same thing?